Bug for bonus (free games) – hack Novomatic slots

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Bug-firmware with the virus for the grant bonus or free games slot machines are designed to line Novomatic (board Coolfire1) – Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic. After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out! What often happens with cheap firmware with bug.
The principle of operation bug – search program symbols bonus on the selected game and the subsequent issuance of them on the drums after activation bug. Enabling bug made the introduction of the activator in the risk game. When ordering, specify the required number of winning symbols ( bonus symbols or jackpot characters).
Activator – a combination consisting of a color card suit (black or red). Activator introduced in doubling mode (GAMBLE). Important! It does not matter (while typing activator) which gives the card game machine while doubling (set activator) – the main press buttons corresponding activator. After entering the code, a few moves machine produces a winning combination.

After winning bonus games, bug automatically disabled (turned off) and a slot machine Novomatic returns to normal operation with the established percentage of return. To repeat run a virus program, you need to re-dial the code activator. Activator – is an individual sequence that only you will know.
Firmware bugs Novomatic (Gaminator) on bonus can run on older versions of slot machines, as well as on new 5.6-12, 5.6-13, 5.7-xx, 5.8-xx, Cobra and Hot Spot Platinum. No reset statistics or other procedures when installing the virus is not required. Slot machine will work as usual with their statistics.
Bug bonus works on slot machines – Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Cobra, Hot Spot, Hot Spot Platinum and Mega Katok. The shortest production time firmwares (modules) and the most humane prices – guaranteed! Learn more about this hack – http://bugslot.com and http://hack-slot.com



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