GTA 5 Casino BANNED By Gamble Laws (How To Bypass)

Players in some countries have confirmed that while they can enter the Diamond Casino and walk around, they cannot play any of the games or gamble whatsoever. There is one method that WILL let these players gamble anyway, even if they’re in regions where it’s not allowed.

To beat the casino ban, you simply have to make GTA Online believe you are NOT in a region where gambling games are banned. If you download a VPN and set it to USA, it is confirmed that you will be able to play all the casino games, same as anyone with no issue. So make sure to do that before launching the game.

VPNs make the internet believe you’re getting online from a region other than the one you’re really at. People do this for many reasons, from privacy, to being able to gamble in The Diamond Casino & Resort in your case.

The best free VPNs are usually free trials of paid VPNs. The free trial will still work for this too. In some cases, if you cancel the VPN free trial just before it ends, you can begin a new trial, and rinse repeat as needed.

Here’s a link to a reddit thread about some VPNs that people recommend if you want a free option:

Depending on your situation, it might be better to just get a paid VPN for the long term. Some such as NordVPN only bill you once every 3 years, and it’s dirt cheap considering… but a free option will still make the Casino Games accessible if they currently are not for you.


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