How Casino Offers Work – Matched Betting Tutorial

In this video, I explain how casino offers work. Casino bonus offers in Matched Betting are a great way to make risk free money each month!

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This video will walk you through how to profit from advantage play casino bonus offers in Matched Betting.

Matched Betting casino offers are a form of advantage play, although similar to free bets, bonus offers are positive in EV or expected value. This means that when playing on slots it’s imperative to have a strong mentality and trust maths and EV as this will always even out and leave you with a profit over time.

I use OddsMonkey and their casino hub to locate and profit from the bonus offers that are available from all the different bookmakers.

This Matched Betting guide will walk you through how you can add slots, blackjack and roulette casino bonuses to your list of skills and further accumulate your profits.

Video Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:05 Slot Machines Overview
01:39 How The Slot Machines Select Who Wins?
03:45 How Can We Make Money From Casino Games?
04:19 What is EV?
05:04 How To Work Out if an Offer Has a Positive EV?
06:18 Expected Value/Profit & Loss
08:45 Conclusion

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