Rare 3 Disc Trigger !!! ️️️ Solar Disc Slot Machine Free Spin Bonus Scatter A must see!

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Rare 3 Disc Trigger !!! ️️️ Solar Disc Slot Machine Free Spin Bonus Scatter Must see

Another gambler got this lucky bonus 2 machines down from me, and she let me film it

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Sometimes we have conversations with each other or other gamblers while we play. I had heard somewhere that conversation may help with the YouTube copyright problem. If the casino is playing some copyrighted music loudly in the background, it may cause a copyright strike on your video. One of our videos has no chit chat, + a song was blasting in the background. When I uploaded it, YouTube gave me a choice of removing the audio in that section so that the video could be freely used without copyright problems. Allowing our sometimes aggravating commentary can help make the video, + the audio, more “ours”.

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